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   3.1 - What is a PDF?
Q:3.2 - How do I create a PDF document?
A:Prior to January 1st, 2008, the PDF standard was a proprietary format and this was not possible without purchasing expensive Adobe Professional software. Today, PDF is an open standard and there are a variety of tools which can accomplish this task.

The easiest way to create a PDF today is from one of the Microsoft tools (version 2007 or later) such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

For this to work you will need to install a plugin.

Click here to download the plugin.

2) If using Internet Explorer, click "Run" when prompted

3) Once installed, you should be able to save your Microsoft Office 2007 documents as PDF by doing the following:

1) Open Microsoft Word 2007 or other Microsoft Office 2007 product.

2) Click The Office button (button in upper left corner with Window's logo)

3) Hover over "Save As" and click "PDF or XPS" as the file type. If you do not have this option but have "Find add-ins for other file formats" then the install did not work properly. In this case, click "Find add-ins for other file formats" and follow the prompts to install


   3.3 - Can I create a PDF without using Microsoft Office 2007?
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